About The Website Design Process

Choose an attentive and personable website designer:

Remember, this is your website. It needs your personal touch. Be sure that your website designer is cooperative and willing to adapt to your working style and schedule. Speak directly with the person responsible for designing and implementing your website - is this someone you will feel comfortable dealing with throughout the website design process and further down the road if you require updates? Make sure your designer will effectively implement your ideas in a friendly and patient manner. With Concept Engineering, you deal directly with your designer.

Styling your website:

Think about the type of website you want. Do you have a certain style in mind? Have you seen style elements that you like in another website? Are there certain pictures that you would like incorporated into your site? Do you have any graphic design elements (such as a logo) that you would like on your website? Do you have any text, such as a slogan or more detailed company and personal descriptions, that you want on your website? Any of this information will give us a head start in developing the kind of site that you want. If time is of the essence, we can get an “Under Construction” homepage with your contact information up on the Internet quite quickly.

Getting your website up on the Internet:

The first step in establishing an Internet presence is to create an account with a web host. You can find one you like or we can recommend a few. This costs very little: about $4 per month for a small business or personal account.

You will need to register a domain name; this costs approximately $10 per year.

As part of your web hosting service you can create your own email addresses at no extra charge (hundreds of them) - so you can set up email accounts for every person and every function associated with your business. Although we can do any of this for you, so can you – perhaps with a little help from us.

The last step:

We now have at least a homepage approved by you, a place to put your website (web host), and a way for others to visit your website (your domain name). Now, you just need to upload your site onto the web host's server. Once you have approved a final draft of your web pages, we will upload your site allowing people to view your website on the Internet.

In the Longer Term:

Should you want to take over the operation & maintenance of your website or transfer our responsibilities to someone else, you are welcome and able to separate from us completely at any time. Since the site will be registered to you from the beginning, you are always in possession of the account. Anyone to whom you give permission may update any of your web site files and post those changes to the web server using any of the available free or paid FTP programs. (See our Tech Tips page for our recommendation on a free FTP client.) Again, we can help you do this or we can do it for you.