About Our Patient Computer Assistance

Greg has been providing Windows™ PC consulting services since 1994

I have been providing Windows PC consulting services since 1994 - everything from setting up a couple of dozen PC's and their peripherals as a local area network with Internet access for a non-profit agency to designing a system for a disabled person using assistive devices and software.

If you need help selecting a computer, a peripheral device, or software I might be able to help. (See also my Tech Tips page.) If your system needs repair or upgrading, give me a call. If you're experiencing specific problems or your system has become slow or unstable, I can probably fix that, too.

My specialty is contributing to the smooth operation of socially responsible organizations (especially non-profits) and supporting the computing and communication needs of disabled folks and those with limited funds. Whether my intervention is a one-time fix-it-up or a many years long maintenance relationship, my focus is on satisfying my client and earning every dollar that appears on my bill.

I don't mean to ignore my SOHO and small business clients. From a small business on State Street in Montpelier, to freelance writers, accountants, lawyers, doctors and other professionals, I have a widely diversified and widely dispersed base of clients. I see and/or hear from some folks regularly, others may contact me every couple of years or so as the need arises. Whatever the intensity of the relationship, we share a friendly and productive interest in their computer needs.

The best solution to your needs is always foremost in my mind. Our first contact (or any subsequent one, for that matter) might consist of my referring you to another, better-suited provider. For any particular problem I might suggest a faster, cheaper, ultimately better solution than dropping the entire project into my lap. If I determine that my efforts were less than perfectly productive or that I had to learn something that I should have already known in order to fix your problem, you'll not see that time represented on my bill.

I do not resell. Although I've my biases and preferences (based upon personal and client experience and upon industry journal reports and testing) I am free of ties to brands or suppliers. I charge for my services only; although I can arrange purchases for items as requested.

From Springfield to Rutland, to Burlington, to Newport, to Canaan, to St. Johnsbury and back down to Bradford, so far, I have been directly and indirectly satisfying the technology needs of public and private organizations and individuals. Finally, I've been working on mainframes, mini's, hobby, PC, and circuit board computers since 1966. Please don't expect a white shirt, a tie, or short hair.